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R&D is looking for attorneys with strong ethics, varied professional experiences, exceptional and diverse academic backgrounds, and a desire to join a law firm that values individual quality and respects contributions without overtaking the lives of our attorneys. We are about quality of life, not 24/7 workdays.

R&D offers the opportunity to:

Lead a Balanced Life

Where and when you work is entirely up to you and your clients. Most of us work from local offices, shared offices or home offices allowing us to efficiently coordinate work and life commitments. This flexibility allows us to be more productive and effective while maintaining the daily challenges that accompany our personal and professional lives. We believe the sharpest professionals lead well-rounded lives.

Enjoy Better Financial Rewards

Our model allows us to lower our billing rates while retaining a higher share of our billings. Without the high corporate overhead that accompanies the traditional law firm, attorneys are able to keep a much larger portion of their billings while charging clients considerably less.

Advance Your Career

Under our model, you control your career and we are here to provide support and guidance. Unlike the traditional law firm, all of our attorneys are given meaningful work and client interaction to fully develop their career and their practice.

Work With the Most Advanced Technology

R&D is at the forefront of the modern law office revolution. Our technological platform and proprietary software and processes allow us to operate in a true team environment without sacrificing any confidentiality or quality of work for our clients. Through innovative web conferences and an extensive legal workspace, we stay on top of recent legal and business developments and continuously communicate with one another and our clients.

Focus on Your Clients Without the Administrative Hassle

R&D handles all of the back office IT and information tasks including file servers and backup, practice management software, Adobe Professional software, Microsoft Office Suite, Outlook and Exchange Server for telephone access to calendar, contacts and email, and security and virus protection. R&D handles all of the client and expense accounting, including billing and receipt of funds with accurate reporting on fees and expenses by client and attorneys.  Our software is transparent to each lawyer and his or her matters/cases and clients. R&D handles consistent marketing through our website, search engine optimization, and marketing plan.

Succeed in a Supportive Culture

Just because we do not operate in the typical brick and mortar office setting does not mean you will work alone. Our attorneys work closely with one another on all client and firm matters. We regularly hold firm lunches, events, conferences, and seminars allowing our attorneys to interact with one another while at the same time keeping up with the most current legal and business news.   We value our attorneys at all stages of their careers and offer various mentoring programs to allow our young attorneys to become top attorneys in their practice areas.

Go Green

As a virtual law office, our carbon footprint is a fraction of that of traditional law firms. We use technology not fragile environmental resources to provide invaluable service to our clients.

If you are looking to join a truly unique and innovative legal team, please send us an email at

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